Document workflow and terminology

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Documents begin their lifecycle within the system as NPAs (Notices of Proposed Amendment).



The NPA is divided into segments to facilitate the automatic creation of the CRD later in the workflow. Each segment has a description which will appear in the CRD document to identify the part of the document on which users have commented.


Commenting Period

Once an NPA is "ready for comments", registered users can start placing comments on it using the CRT application. During the Commenting Period, they can always go back and edit, delete, or add more comments.


Response Phase

When the commenting period is over, users can no longer add or edit their comments. The document will now be in the Response Phase, while EASA staff will be adding their responses to the comments and preparing for the publication of the CRD.



CRDs (Comment/Response Documents) are documents which list all the comments made on an NPA with their associated responses by EASA and the resulting, modified text of the NPA (if the comment was accepted and a modification of the text was deemed necessary).


Reaction Period

When the CRD is published, the Reaction Period starts, during which users can add their reactions to the responses in the CRD.


Preparation for publication

The end of the Reaction Period is followed by a brief period while EASA staff prepare the final publication(s).


Final publication

The workflow ends when the final document(s), decision or opinion, is published .


Document status

The workflow described above is represented within the CRT application by the following icons, describing each status:




Document is ready for comments

Document is awaiting responses to comments

CRD is published and awaiting reactions

Document is being prepared for publication

Document is published


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