The reactions view

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The reactions view is where you can manage your reactions to a CRD.



To the left you can see the CRD using the FlashPaper interface. To the right, you can see the list of reactions you have placed on this CRD. The table of reactions has two columns, the first column displays the page(s) where the segment corresponding to the entity you reacted to appears in the NPA and the second one describes the entity you reacted to.


Clicking on any reaction row on this list will highlight the entity you reacted to on the CRD. As you hover your mouse over the document, the various entities (segments, comments, responses and resulting text) to which you can react will be highlighted. These entities are coloured as such:



Reaction to a...

Light yellow      


Light blue          


Light green        


Light brown      

resulting text


Right-clicking on any reaction row will bring up a menu allowing you to edit or delete that reaction.


You can click on the "View your reactions" button to get a page with all your reactions listed in a table, which you can save or print.


To get back to the list of documents, you can click on the "Back to the list of document" button on the top right, or just click on the "back" button of your browser.

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