Using the CRT application

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The CRT application is a web-based application. Although it should work in most modern browsers, it has been tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+ (Service Pack 2 must be installed), Mozilla Firefox 2.x & 3.x, Opera 9.x, Safari 3.x and Google Chrome.

You will need to have Javascript and cookies enabled on your browser. You will also need to make sure that you have the free Adobe Flash Player and Reader installed.


Within the application, most actions on tabular data (documents, segments, comments, etc.) are accessible through a right-click context menu on a particular row.


Warning: users of the Opera browser should use a standard left-click because custom context menus are not supported on this browser.


When you right click on any row, a different menu of actions will appear depending on where you clicked and what your user rights are.



Some actions (for example, adding a comment) require that some data be sent to the application database. In many cases, while such communication is taking place, the screen will be grayed out and a "Please wait..." message will appear with a progress bar. Your will not see the results of your action until this message disappears. The waiting time depends on your connection speed, the load on the application server, etc.


Hint: To ensure that you are taking advantage of all the available screen space, particularly when working in the comments view, you can press the F11 key, which on many browsers will result in the web page window taking up the whole screen. The CRT application will automatically scale to the width and height of your browser window.


Please bear in mind that, as with all web applications, some of the images used in this guide may not reflect exactly what you see in your browser/operating system.

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