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In order to add comments to NPAs or reactions to CRDs and generally to access the advanced functionality of the application, you need to login as a registered user.


To register for the CRT application, you need to point your web browser to the following URL:


You will be presented with a form which you are required to fill in. Some fields will have a question mark icon next to them. Moving your mouse over that icon will display a brief explanation for that field.



You will have to read and accept the CRT terms of use.


At the bottom of the form, you are presented with a random image, displaying 5 characters, digits or letters and you are required to enter these characters in the text box below, as a security measure. You can read more about why we do this on this URL:


Once you click on the Register button, if all fields were filled in correctly, a verification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you provided as your User ID. It is therefore important to use a valid e-mail address. This verification e-mail will contain a link on which you have to click to activate your account. If the process is completed successfully you will again be notified by e-mail.


You are now ready to login!


Warning: Please make sure you provide a correct e-mail address. If you provide an invalid e-mail address or make a typo while entering it (that's why we ask you to enter it twice), you will not get the verification e-mail and thus will not be able to login and place comments.


Hint: If you are already registered in another EASA web-based application, you will be prompted to enter your existing password and submit only the application-specific required information. You can use the same credentials across all EASA web-based applications.


Hint: Several users can be logged in from different workstations with the same User ID simultaneously. This way all users from one organisation can see what comments their colleagues have entered.


Hint: Users can have different User IDs but the same "Commentator Identity", because on the CRD only the Commentator Identity will be shown.

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