The comments view

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The comments view is where you can manage your comments on an NPA.



To the left you can see the NPA using the FlashPaper interface. To the right, you can see the list of segments on which you can place comments, as well as the comments you already placed on this NPA, indicated by the small numbers in the "Comment #" column.


Hint: you can drag the splitter handle in the middle to optimally divide the width of the screen between the document and the list of segments.


Clicking on any segment row on this list will highlight that segment on the document. As you hover your mouse over the document, the defined segments will also be highlighted.


Right-clicking on any segment row will bring up a menu of actions which allow you to add a comment on that segment, edit your comment, assign your comment to  multiple segments, or delete a comment (if you placed one).


Comment numbers are unique per NPA, starting from number 1 and increasing. However, as other users may be adding comments at the same time, your comment numbers will not always be sequential.


Clicking on any comment number will allow you to edit that specific comment.


You can click on the "View your comments" button to get a page with all your comments listed in a table, which you can save or print.


To get back to the list of documents, you can click on the "Back to the list of document" button on the top right, or just click on the "back" button of your browser.


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