Use the FlashPaper interface

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The FlashPaper interface is used throughout the CRT application to facilitate the commenting process.



On the top part of the interface, you can see the standard FlashPaper toolbar.


You can use the "Hand" tool to pan the page or the "Text selection" tool to select parts of the text. You can enter any word or phrase in the text box and click on the magnifying glass next to it to search within the document. You can change the zoom percentage using the slider provided, or by entering the exact percentage number in the text box next to it. The last two buttons allow you to fit a whole page or fit the width of the document to the view.


You can also use the scrollbars as well as the "Page Up" and "Page Down" buttons on your keyboard to navigate through the pages.


While an NPA/CRD is being loaded in FlashPaper, you will see a progress bar which indicates the progress of loading pages and processing the necessary meta data:



Warning: Before you take any action, please wait until this progress bar disappears.


Hint: You can use the familiar keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl]+C and [Ctrl]+V to copy and paste any selected text (highlighted in green) from the document to your description.


Hint: Sometimes clicking and dragging your mouse to select a portion of the text can be cumbersome or even impossible if your selection is contained within a highlighted segment. An alternative and perhaps more precise way of selecting text on any document is to click on the 1st character in your selection and then click on the last character while holding down the [Shift] key.

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