Filter the list of documents

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You can filter the list of documents based on a task number, any word in the title, or any affected rule & code of an NPA.


The table headers of the columns for the task numbers, the title and the affected rules & codes have a small "funnel" icon next to them. Clicking on this icon reveals an input box where you can enter your search term:



Type your search term in the input box and click on the little green check mark next to it to apply the filter:



The list of documents is now filtered according to your search criteria. The table header of the filtered column now appears in bright blue and the "funnel" icon is changed to . Clicking on this icon will remove the filter.


You can do the same for task numbers and affected rules & codes, and you can combine multiple filters together.


Especially for affected rules & codes, as a convenience, there is an additional way you can specify a filter. If you hover your mouse over any affected rule & code in the list of documents, it becomes highlighted and you can click on it to set that rule as your filter:



The documents with affected rules & codes which match your filter exactly will be displayed in a light blue color, and you can click on any one of these to remove your filter:




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